[asterisk-users] Polycom 301 questions

Lee Jenkins lee at datatrakpos.com
Sun Apr 15 10:11:09 MST 2007

Lee Jenkins wrote:
> Hi all,
> I just purchased a Polycom 301 for my home office and I believe I have 
> it setup correctly as I can dial out, receive calls in, etc.  However, 
> I'm having the following issue:
> When calling a local number over a Zap line, I hear a lot of feed back 
> on the line.  I had a Grandstream configured with the same information 
> before I got the 301 and never had that kind of feedback noise.
> I've tried playing with rxgain/txgain and it doesn't seem to make a 
> difference.  If any one could offer a pointer on where to look to 
> resolve this issue, I'd very much appreciate it.
> Thanks,


It turns out that it was the lines coming into my home from Verizon.  I 
plugged a analog phone directly into the terminating jack and can hear 
the humming noise quite clearly.

I never heard it until I setup the Polycom.  My guess is that the 
GrandStream is either too great of a phone or too poor quality of a 
phone (i'll let you determine that one) to have picked up the noise like 
the Polycom did.  This is why I never checked the line directly, I 
assumed it was the new phone since nothing else had changed.

On the plus side, playing with the rx/txgain settings, Asterisk did 
minimize the noise pretty well. ;)


Warm Regards,


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