[asterisk-users] zaptel/ssh interaction

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Fri Apr 13 12:36:21 MST 2007

To follow up on the don't need to dial 9 to get out topic, in some 
places, there are so few phone prefixes, you can simply match them 
exactly.  Here's for where I live:

exten => _747XXXX,1,Dial
exten => _966XXXX,1,Dial
exten => _738XXXX,1,Dial
exten => _752XXXX,1,Dial
exten => _1NXXNXXXXXX,1,Dial
exten => _0NXXNXXXXXX,1,Dial
and something for international if you'd care to

it catches all numbers that could possibly be local and all long 
distances ones too.  Anything that doesn't hit one of these matches can 
be caught explicitly.  My wife didn't even notice the change.

Gordon Henderson wrote:
> On Thu, 12 Apr 2007, Greg Woods wrote:
>> Aside from this, I love my new asterisk system, and my wife has almost
>> gotten used to having to dial 9 to get out of the house :-)
> Can't help you with your zaptel & ssh issues - I use them both on my 
> systems without any issues at all.
> But why force your wife to dial 9?
> In my dialplans, I use 0 to indicate an outside line... (as well as some 
> hard-coded ones for 999, etc.)
> The only issue then is that you need to dial the whole number, area code 
> included, but that's not really an issue anymore as you have to do that 
> with a mobile.
> The other plus side is that the speed-dials & caller ID on the house 
> DECT phones still work.
> I do provide 9 too, but it's not really needed, but handy for stuff like 
> 118118 & 150, etc.
> Gordon
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