[asterisk-users] DTMF problem with inbound calls on Toll-Free number

Dovid B asteriskusers at dovid.net
Fri Apr 13 06:58:45 MST 2007

I am having the same issue with 1.2.17. Only certain toll free numbers do we have issues with.
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  Hi all,

  I have asterisk 1.2.13 and problem is about DTMF.When i have incoming call on Toll-Free number asterisk accept DTMF digits but dial only first in context.
  Per instance:
  When i press 1 it is OK,but when i try to dial extension 700 asterisk dial only first digit(1) and i receive from asterisk "invalid extension 7 in context..".Extensions 700 exists.It seems asterisk dial only first digit.

  When i dial ordinary(not Toll-Free)number everyting is OK.

  Please help.


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