[asterisk-users] Measuring audio file legth

Suity Zsolt suich at yunord.net
Thu Apr 12 23:43:33 MST 2007

Stephen Bosch wrote:
> Bob Smither wrote:
>> On Thu, 2007-04-12 at 13:28 +0200, Suity Zsolt wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I have to set call length to 3min, but before hangup have to warn 
>>> caller. There are many IVRmenu and submenu options with different 
>>> warning audio.
>>> I have to measure somehow the audio file length and subtract it from 3 
>>> minutes.
>> I have not tried this, so I may be off - but do you really have to do
>> this?  The documentation I have indicates that if there is an extension
>> T in the context, that extension is used at the absolute timeout.  So,
>> would:
>>   exten => T,1,<play your warning message>
>>   exten => T,n,Hangup
> What if he wants to warn the caller with 30 seconds remaining? Then 15?
> Then 5?

It's not my goal this time, but good question. When a global timeout is 
reached and jumps to the T extension, can I change the timeout 
(Set(TIMEOUT(absolute) again) and go back somehow?

When we dialing this isn't a problem use L option.
#  L(x[:y][:z]): Limit the call to 'x' ms, warning when 'y' ms are left, 
repeated every 'z' ms) Only 'x' is required, 'y' and 'z' are optional. 
The following special variables are optional for limit calls: (pasted 
from app_dial.c)

     * LIMIT_PLAYAUDIO_CALLER - yes|no (default yes) - Play sounds to 
the caller.
     * LIMIT_PLAYAUDIO_CALLEE - yes|no - Play sounds to the callee.
     * LIMIT_TIMEOUT_FILE - File to play when time is up.
     * LIMIT_CONNECT_FILE - File to play when call begins.
     * LIMIT_WARNING_FILE - File to play as warning if 'y' is defined. 
If LIMIT_WARNING_FILE is not defined, then the default behaviour is to 
announce ("You have [XX minutes] YY seconds").

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