[asterisk-users] Which SIP phones to buy?

J. Oquendo sil at infiltrated.net
Thu Apr 12 11:47:43 MST 2007

 > Drew Gibson wrote:

 >> The Aastra 480i is a good quality phone, on par with Cisco and probably
 >> with Polycom (though I've never used them). Voice quality is good, 
 >> feels robust. Config is well documented and contained in two text files
 >> (one global, one MAC specific). Good web interface on the phone. Aastra
 >> support have been very responsive.

I've programmed who knows how many phones so far, so let me focus on this
year... Cisco ... Overrated. I have one on my desk right now specifically
being used for me to test security on it (writing an exploit against it
to be specific). I don't even bother using it...

Aastra 480i's. I can take a picture of my desk for verification for those
who'd want it of two I have sitting here collecting dust. They're horribly
documented. Their web interface is full of errors (Username/CallerID/Auth)
of which unless you're used to doing it you will have issues programming

Polycoms... The bane of my existence. If you plan on doing NAT, passing
through Netscreens, Sonicwalls, etc., and you don't mind miserably wasting
time, then these are for you! If you're a glutton for XML nonsense, waiting
2 minutes for a reboot after EVERY SINGLE CHANGE. This phone is for you! If
you don't mind explaining the Americans with Disabilities ACT and how
Polycom is the only vendor resetting volumes then this is for you! And yes
I am aware I could make that static via xml so please don't bother with a
"but you can fix that this way..." response.

Snom, although not the greatest, within the past year I've had to deal with
well over I would guesstimate 200 or so. Easiest to deal with.

Grandstream... Sorry, there is only so much garbage I'm willing to keep
around my desk. GXP 2000? Fisher Price toy looking phone I wouldn't
bother with.

Robert Greene wrote:

 > I have Cisco 7960G, Polycom SP 501, Aastra 480i, Grandstream GXP2000 and
 > Budgetone 200 desk phones in my test lab.  Overall, I like the Cisco
 > best.  I even bought one for home use.  Configuration was no more
 > difficult than any other.

This is what is within two feet of me right now. 2 Cisco 7960's, 3 
2 Aasta 480i's, Welltech piece of garbage, 1 Snom 360, 2 320's, unlimited
190's. Guess which one I used on a daily basis... Snom 360.

@Home ... http://www.infiltrated.net/Mar2520074.jpg I have about 3 7960's
for my CCVP lab studies... I have a Hitachi WiFi and a Snom 320. Guess
which I use most... Hitachi so I could walk around, followed by Snom. I
don't even want to bother with the Cisco phones.

 > The Cisco, Aastra and Polycom have similar voice quality.  They're all
 > very good handsets and speakerphones.

The 480iCT is questionable. The base is alright, nothing to boast about,
the handset... Depends on the environment.

 > As for price, Drew is right about the high cost of Cisco.  If I hadn't
 > found one on eBay, my personal phone would likely be Aastra.

I could care less about pricing. I'd be more concerned with
quality and ease of use for both the admin, and the user.
Cisco would rank low on my list, so here goes mine in order...

1) Snom
2) none! (they're all pretty much the same to me)
3) none! (they all have their pros and cons)
4) Cisco
5) ASStra
6) Polycrud

J. Oquendo
sil . infiltrated @ net http://www.infiltrated.net

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John Adams
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