[asterisk-users] Polycom 301 questions

Stephen Bosch posting at vodacomm.ca
Thu Apr 12 09:46:56 MST 2007

Lee Jenkins wrote:
> Stephen Bosch wrote:
>> Sidetone can be set in the phone configuration; before you do that,
>> though, I need to know what you mean by feedback.
> Sorry, should have been more detailed.  It's a sort of background
> humming noise, almost like that if you placed the phone next to a high
> output electric device.  Didn't hear it with Grandstream phone so I
> thought it may be something I can change in Polycom.  Of course, it
> could also be that polycom is better phone, but more apt to pick up
> background noise that
> It's only on zap calls.  I'm still playing with rxgain and txgain in
> hopes of resolving this.  Basically, the humming noise increase with
> volume.

What were your zapata gain settings before you started tweaking them?

As far as gain goes -- what about the Polycom phone? Are you using the
defaults from the SIP firmware package?

Do you have other analog extensions connected to the line? I had a
situation in which there was audible humming because there was a fax
machine connected to the analog line between the Asterisk server and the
demarcation point.

Where is the Asterisk server located?


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