[asterisk-users] hanguponpolarityswitch - where did it go??

yusuf yusuf at ecntelecoms.com
Thu Apr 12 01:57:26 MST 2007

Nick Adams wrote:
> There are a few mentions in the wiki [1] about a zapata.conf flag 
> "hanguponpolarityswitch". It is meant to cause Asterisk to detect a 
> hangup when the line polarity switches at the end of the call.
> The wiki mentions using the flag in zapata.conf but when I do Asterisk 
> "ignores" it:
> Apr 12 17:59:38 WARNING[12804]: chan_zap.c:10875 setup_zap: Ignoring 
> hanguponpolarityswitch
> Does anyone have any ideas how to enable or use this feature?


as far as I know, it only says ignoring when you do a reload, as Asterisk is telling you its not 
reconfiguring this variable, to change it you might need a restart.  So hanguponpolarityswitch only 
gets looked at on startup, not reloads.


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