[asterisk-users] Open Source VoIP client (on a webpage)

Stephen Wingfield steve at bicom.us
Wed Apr 11 14:13:22 MST 2007

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>>> On 6 Apr 2007, at 00:59, Jason Wolfe wrote:
>>>> I need to decide on the best way to add a voip SIP or IAX client
>>> to
>>>> a website. I'm thinking that I'd like it to be inline, like an
>>>> aplet, on the page. I've got some asterisk servers running to
>>>> connect up to, so the real challenge is finding an easily
>>>> integrated open source client.
>>>> Any suggestions from those who know?
>>> Our SDK isn't open source, but it is an IAX applet -
>>> javascript/DHTML
>>> friendly and lightweight.
>> Is that applet available unbundled from the rest of your software and
>> service package? At a flat (ie not per-instance) price?
> Yes, it is available separately and the price is  per-server.
> Anyone interested should contact me off-list as this is getting
> dangerously commercial!
> Tim.
> Tim Panton
> www.mexuar.net
> www.westhawk.co.uk/

For those interested in commercial WebPhones please see:


Please contact me for more info offline : steve 'at} bicomsystems {dot} com
We also have a very wide range of other products and experience that we will 
be able to offer within very reasonable price range.


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