[asterisk-users] FW: Polycom 501 issue with latest firmware : sluggish keys

Mike list at virtutel.ca
Wed Apr 11 13:09:07 MST 2007

Somebody was helpful enough to give me the very latest release of Polycom's
firmware (2.1.0).  Unfortunately, I still get that issue.
So I'm stuck asking again: Anybody ever got that?


From: Mike [mailto:list at virtutel.ca] 
Sent: Wednesday, April 11, 2007 13:37
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Subject: Polycom 501 issue with latest firmware : sluggish keys

I've upgraded a few Polycom 501 to SIP 2.0.3b (can't get 2.1.0 because of
Polycom's firmware policy, but this is the "latest publicly available" from
Polycom's web site).  
I've noticed that some keys get "sticky" though.  Soft buttons for example
(i.e. "end call") need to be pressed 2-3 times for them to react.  I've
downgraded to 1.6.7, and the problem dissapeared.
I can't imagine I'm the only one having that issue, and that issue was also
present in 2.0.1 for me.  
Did anybody else have this problem?  What did you do to fix it?  Am I stuck
with 1.6.7 forever?
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