[asterisk-users] Help w/ Asterisk Cisco IP phone and SCCP

Lacy Moore - Aspendora aspendora at gmail.com
Tue Apr 10 13:35:23 MST 2007

On 4/10/07, shawnl at up.net <shawnl at up.net> wrote:
> exten => 104,Dial(SCCP/SEP00036BC3852B,20)
> exten => 104,2,Voicemail(u104)
> exten => 104,102,Voicemail(b104)
> exten => 104,103,Hangup()
Actually, if this is a cut and paste, you are missing the 1.  It should be:

exten => 104,1,Dial...

you have

exten => 104,Dial...

Also, jumping to n+101 is not the default in Asterisk 1.2+, you might
want to search the wiki (www.voip-info.org) for priority jumping and
it can explain much better than I can.

A better question, I guess, is this chan_sccp or chan_skinny?  If
chan_sccp did you successfully compile it with the patches for 1.4?

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