[asterisk-users] help with Sipura SPA 3000

Francis Augusto Medeiros francis at mgate.com.br
Tue Apr 10 06:52:33 MST 2007

Hi there everyone!

I've bought a Sipura SPA 3000, and succesfully connected it to my Mac, where
I installed Asterisk 1.4.0. Both ports (FXO and FXS) are well configured).

However, living in Brazil, I'd like to know if there are optimal settings to
my PSTN that I should enter into the config of the device. I experience a
little bit of echo on the FXO probably because I raised the gain of that
port because I wasn't sounding loud enough.

But there are two things I would like to do with the device, and I'd
appreciate if anyone could help me out:

1 - Is there a way to stop "cutting" other people when I speak through the
PSTN? What I mean is that, when sound is captured by my telephone, it
dimishes the other peer's voice, and sometimes it makes communication
harder, as if the line weren't full duplex.

2 - How can I gain full control to the FXS? I mean, a simple * dialed is not
sent for asterisk (the server) interpretation, probably because it's used by
Sipura's suplementary services, I don't know. Also, is it possible to get a
dial tone from ASterisk, instead of Sipura's? My goal with this is to
provide users with direct access to the PSTN line pressing 0, instead of
collecting calls and making the call themselves, or at least making
ignorepat to work!



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