[asterisk-users] Too much silence, perceived delay

Stephen Bosch posting at vodacomm.ca
Mon Apr 9 16:51:49 MST 2007

Joe Acquisto wrote:
> Stephen Bosch <posting at vodacomm.ca> Wrote: 4/9/2007 7:12 PM:
>> Have you been able to test this yourself? (Three to four seconds seems
>> inordinately long. That's as bad as a satellite link.)
> No, not tested by me, I only heard about it today, via email.  

I don't doubt that they are noticing some delay, I just question how
extreme it is.

>> Have you tried tinkering with the gain settings? Adjusting the gain can
>> impact sidetone, which might improve the call experience.
> No, not yet.  Any suggestions as to direction and magnitude?

After confirming that they're experiencing what they say they've been
experiencing, I would start with the rxgain and increment it by 2 or 3,
then test.

(I'd be curious to hear what happens if you turn echo cancellation off.)


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