[asterisk-users] How well does a celldock work with Asterisk?

Steve Prior sprior at geekster.com
Fri Apr 6 17:07:07 MST 2007

I've seen in the wiki that it is possible to use a celldock device to 
use a cell phone as a PSTN line to Asterisk, but I haven't seen any 
comments as to how well this actually works.  I was thinking about 
hooking a celldock to a FXO input of my Digium TDM400P card and use it 
to connect via bluetooth to my RAZR V3C.  I am aware of the software 
solution (chan_bluetooth), but my Asterisk box is a bit far away from 
where I want to keep the phone so the celldock seems to be the more 
convenient solution for me.

Any comments about the sound quality or issues in making it work?


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