[asterisk-users] Open Source VoIP client (on a webpage)

Jay Milk ast-users at skimmilk.net
Thu Apr 5 22:26:40 MST 2007

Jason Wolfe wrote:
> I need to decide on the best way to add a voip SIP or IAX client to a 
> website. I'm thinking that I'd like it to be inline, like an aplet, on 
> the page. I've got some asterisk servers running to connect up to, so 
> the real challenge is finding an easily integrated open source client.
> Any suggestions from those who know?
> Jason

Look for a java applet, like JAIN Applet-Phone 
(http://snad.ncsl.nist.gov/proj/iptel/).  There are at least a handful 
there, relatively easy to find via google.

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