[asterisk-users] Re: asterisk-users Digest, Vol 33, Issue 12

Stephen Bosch posting at vodacomm.ca
Thu Apr 5 11:23:19 MST 2007

john beaman wrote:
> I too was curious about this, so I copied the text into Babel Fish, and this is the result:
> I miss of the 2/04/2007 to the 11/04/2007. I will answer your message as of my return. For any urgency, to contact Emmanuelle Parache Moga or Cédric Buzay.
> If this guy is really going to be out until November these messages will get rather tiresome...

The rest of the world uses a sensible date format like DD/MM/YYYY or

(So it's April 11th, not November 4th)


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