[asterisk-users] IAX Trunk Failover

Brent brent at ubtanet.com
Thu Apr 5 10:56:11 MST 2007

I'm trying to get an IAX trunk to failover to a local trunk it the trunk is


This is what I've been working on:



exten => s,1,Dial(IAX2/${ARG1},20)

exten => s,2,Goto(call-${DIALSTATUS},1)

exten => s-CONGESTION,1,Dial(LOCAL/${ARG2},20)

exten => s-CHANUNAVAIL,1,Dial(LOCAL/${ARG2},20

;end macro-forward1


exten => 6222626,1,Macro(forward1,6222626,6222627)


...in the debug, I never see dialstatus...the call just fails.  Doesn't ever
try to dial the second extension.


Any ideas?




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