[asterisk-users] Tunnel Q.SIG through an IP network

Olivier oza-4h07 at myamail.com
Wed Apr 4 13:12:25 MST 2007


Today's setup is :
Legacy PBX1 with E1 ------- Leased line  ----- Legacy PBX2 with E1

Prospective setup is :
PBX1  ------- Asterisk GateWay1 (with Digium E1) ------ IP network ------
Asterisk GW2 (with Digium E1)  ----- PBX2

Is there a way to tunnel, transport or translate Q.SIG signals between both
PBXs ?
The IP network is just used for point to point leased lines replacement :
failover or other fancy features are not required.

As I'm not sure Asterisk has features to fully understand Q.SIG spoken
between legacy PBX, I thought simple transportation (HDLC ? SS7 then IP ?)
would be enough.

Any idea or comment ?

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