[asterisk-users] Localise VM_DATE timestamp like the voicemessage envelope

RR ranjtech at gmail.com
Wed Apr 4 02:56:37 MST 2007


is there anyway or any plan to have the date/time stamp that's printed
in an outgoing voicemail notification email to NOT be the date/time of
the (*) machine but infact correspond to the timezone set for the
subscriber under the TZ variable?

I have the (*) machine set to UTC and when the notification email goes
out, it prints out the date/time of the machine at which the voicemail
was left but when you hear the envelope of the voicemail, it's the
subscriber's local timezone. Which is ofcourse the correct behaviour.
But this is not the same for the notification email. So, Is there a
smart way of modifying the VM_DATE variable to read the DB to do what
the envelope does? Perhaps a real smart DialPlan trick to pick that up
during the time the voicemail is being left or something? If I were to
use the externnotify, then how would I go about maybe ceating a script
that can access the DB, get the subscriber's timezone, convert the
machine's UTC time to the subscriber's timezone, and then create the
same message?

Just wondering if someone has actually solved this already and would
like to help before I start to maybe writing a script of my own.

many thanks,


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