[asterisk-users] Best Hardphone (Subjective?)

Ken Williams ken at intermountainelectronics.com
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Somewhere I found a link to gsutil utility that someone wrote.  A quick
google looks like
is probably the best place to get it.

This utility actually has quite a few nifty options, here's a copy of
the help:

Version 3.0 of GSutil, a GrandStream BudgeTone phone backup, restore
and reboot utility.  Written by Charles Howes (gsutil at ch.pkts.ca).
Usage: /root/bin/gsutil -[b|d|e|h|r] [-n] [-o] [-p password] address..
  -b : reboot
  -d : dump to stdout
  -e : show phone firmware versions
  -r : restore from stdin
  -n : don't wait for reboot to finish
  -o : don't translate configuration values
  -p : password (default: admin)
  -h, --help : print this help
  --version : print the version of gsutil

As for my script, I just use 'gsutil -bn <list of ip addresses of
phones>' in a script I called gsreboot.  

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> This is easily accomplished by a script on the server, allows me to 
> reboot all the phones with one command and takes about 2 minutes.  I'm

> very happy with these phones.

How would you feel about sharing that script with the list? I'm sure
it'd be of use to many of us here.


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