[asterisk-users] Re: SIP/IAX peers UNREACHABLE and audio loss

Edoardo Serra edoardo.serra at webrainstorm.it
Sun Apr 1 09:02:15 MST 2007

Hi guys,
	I think I got the point of the problem.

I guess it's related to a lock in res_perl (which we use to do lcr, 
billing, ecc...)

I'll open another thread for that

Tnx for hep


Edoardo Serra
WeBRainstorm S.r.l.

Edoardo Serra ha scritto:
> Hi all,
>     I'm having a problem with some Asterisk servers interconnected with 
> each other using IAX (I also tried with SIP without solving the problem)
> Sometimes, with apparently no reason, some peers become UNREACHABLE
> (I have qualify=yes in iax.conf) and REACHABLE again as soon as
> another qualify test is made.
> Our users are also complaining about audio loss during their calls,
> apparently randomly, everything goes ok for days and bad for another few 
> days.
> I strongly believe the 2 problems are strictly related because in the 
> logs I see REACHABLE / UNREACHABLE messages only for certains days
> without regularity.
> The days in wich i see a lot of messages are exactly the days with
> most of complaint about audio loss
> I just noticed that timestamps of the logs (REACHABLE / UNREACHABLE)
> are quite always during business hours, this makes me think at somewhat 
> related to load (cpu load, badwidth load, calls load, etc...)
> But, looking at hardware specs of our lan, servers and average load I 
> don't think they are over-stressed.
> Our servers are all:
> 2 x Intel(R) Xeon(TM) CPU 3.20GHz
> 1 GB RAM
> 2 x IDE HDDs Software RAID 1
> Asterisk 1.2.13 with res_perl
> Gentoo Linux
> Some of them has a Sangoma card connected with an E1
> Most ot these are on the same LAN, interconnected with a 1 GB switch
> (I don't think it should be a bandwidth problem).
> Load averages of these server is varying from 0.5 to 1.0
> (I guess it should be ok)
> On each server we don't have more than 50 concurrent calls
> (bridged SIP <-> IAX2 or IAX2 <-> ZAP)
> Used codec is mostly G729
> Sometimes on asterisk cli i see some messages like
> "Avoided initial deadlock for '0x9fd130', 10 retries!"
> I don't know if it could be somehow related.
> Someone of you can point me in the right direction ?
> Tnx in advance
> Regards
> Ing. Edoardo Serra
> WeBRainstorm S.r.l.
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