[asterisk-users] Sponsored development - Monodirectional audiohandling

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Sun Apr 1 02:34:14 MST 2007

Try posting this on the developers list.

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Subject: [asterisk-users] Sponsored development - Monodirectional 

> Hi Guys,
> we're needing a special implementation on Asterisk
> Our intention is to contribute the development and share back the code to 
> Asterisk community
> Here is what we need:
> - An option to Asterisk Dial command which, if used, when calls is 
> answered gives monodirectional audio
> (Caller should hear the called party but not vice-versa)
> - A DTMF sequence (maybe handled in features.conf) for the Caller to start 
> to have bidirectional audio
> - When the Callers makes the audio 'bidirectional' an Event should be 
> generated so that we can see it from the manager API
> The purpose of thisi implementation is to deal with some carriers that 
> give us the call as ANSWERED when the called party is still ringing.
> Our billing software is billing the user (and the carrier is billing us) 
> even with unsuccessful calls.
> This way we can start billing when the user press the DTMF sequence to 
> unlock audio (even if carriers bill us wrongly)
> Someone wants to help ??
> Regards
> Edoardo Serra
> WeBRainstorm S.r.l.
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