[asterisk-users] Extension Numbering

John Marvin jm-asterisk at themarvins.org
Sat Sep 30 12:31:02 MST 2006

Lacy Moore - Aspendora wrote:

> I have a suggestion regarding dial plan.  When I first started I saw no 
> reason to have to dial 9 first for outside calls.  Because I wanted to 
> be able to dial out from the missed calls list, I chose to eliminate the 
> dial 9 requirement.  I'm now regretting it, primarily because 711 is a 
> valid number, but also a parking spot.  I can handle 911, and I can 
> handle 411, but 711 is going to be a pain.
> Just wanted to give you something to consider when you are starting 
> out.  Something I didn't consider.

Why not just move your parking spot range to something else? It doesn't 
have to be the default 701-720.


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