[asterisk-users] Queue AddQueueMember()

Douglas Garstang dgarstang at oneeighty.com
Fri Sep 29 15:24:45 MST 2006

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> On 9/28/06, Douglas Garstang <dgarstang at oneeighty.com> wrote:
> > All,
> >
> > I've recently been told that the AgentCallBacklogin() 
> application is buggy, and I should not use it. Apparently I 
> should use AddQueueMember() instead. I see though that 
> AddQueueMember() does not take the location to call back as 
> an argument.
> >
> > We have remote agents that are available via PSTN access 
> only. With AgentCallBackLogin() they can enter their PSTN 
> phone number, and Asterisk will call them back at that number 
> when they get a queue call. Can AddQueueMember() do that?
> >
> > Is AgentCallBackLogin() going to be deprecated at some 
> point? Will AddQueueMember() be improved to match the call 
> back functionality of AgentCallBackLogin()?
>  AgentCallBackLogin() is deprecated beginning with 1.4. You can use
> AddQueueMember() in combination with the Local/ channel to do what
> you're looking to do above.

The queue function AgentCallBackLogin() would take the name of an agent as an argument, and would log that agent into the queue they where associated with. We programmed our appearances on our Polycom phones to have a different appearance for each queue, and we'd send the caller id of the appearance as the name of the agent, thereby removing the need for the agent to enter their agent number. 

I see though that the AddQueueMember() function requires a queue name as an argument. That makes the dialplan logic more complex as we somehow have to magically send the queue name that this agent belongs to from the phone to the dialplan.


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