[asterisk-users] pstn failback

Steve Glaus techsupport at peachnet.com
Fri Sep 29 12:59:37 MST 2006

> B) How about DID's, how would that be handled. is there a DID failover 
> as well? I have my VOIP service with one company, if i had my PRI 
> service with another. how would those DID's get failed to the other 
> provider, if thats even possible at all in a timely manner.
I have yet to come up with any way that  failure of our DID provider 
could be handled. We've had to do a fair bit of shopping around before 
we found a voip provider that has been reliable (Voipstreet). They've 
had very good service to this point (about 3 months now. I don't know 
what we would do if they went out. A PRI is just far to expensive to 
consider for only backup purposes.

DID's have been somewhat of a problem for us. There aren't that many 
providers and those that exist are more expensive than I thought it 
would be (or if they're cheap their service is so unreliable as to be 
worthless). Maybe someone here can give me an idea of how they do their 
DID's ? We've tried didx.org as well but most of the numbers we've 
gotten from them have horrible audio problems. 

Maybe someone knows of a super reliable provider with unlimited 
incoming/ > 2 channels for about 10$ a month?

Termination is no problem. Lots of providers and the dialplan will 
automatically failover if one provider doesn't work.

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