[asterisk-users] Queue and Pickup/DPickup

Ole Myhre ole at dataoppdrag.no
Fri Sep 29 11:12:42 MST 2006



Is it possible to either pick up calls to phones that go through a queue
(using Pickup/DPickup), or not notify other users when phones are
ringing because of a queue?


When the call goes through a queue, there is no extensions that is being
dialed, and therefore just using DPickup(exten) wont work, at least not
here. Other users gets notified when phones are ringing, and its kind of
pointless to see a blinking light on peoples phones when users can't
know if its possible to answer the call or not.


By the way, it works perfectly with calls going directly through
extensions.conf. :-)


Ole Myhre

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