[asterisk-users] rtc: lost some interrupts at 1024 when loading ztdummy

Paul Hewlett paul at cottonpickinminds.co.za
Fri Sep 29 09:47:45 MST 2006

On Tuesday 26 September 2006 05:26, Geoff Karl wrote:
> I am running today's SVN of the 1.4 branch, on Ubuntu dapper.
> I compiled a custom kernel (  Created modules of the rct and
> the rtc modlue loads fine.
> As soon as I load ztdummy the syslog fills up with:
> rtc: lost some interrupts at 1024 Hz.
> Any ideas what may be causing this?

I had a damaged motherboard that gave that error (the Pc had been dropped in 

Also, I recall that having the HPET timer enabled in th BIOS and/or the kernel 
may give this error. If the 'HPET timer supplies IRQ' is enabled in the 
kernel then rtc.ko is just a stub i.e. there is no actual code running. This 
will only be a problem if you are running just ztdummy.


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