[asterisk-users] t1-pri or sip trunk?

Colin Anderson ColinA at landmarkmasterbuilder.com
Fri Sep 29 08:14:38 MST 2006

Also with PRI:

-Fax works
-No 911 issues
-SIP provider may or may not honor your arbitrarily set caller ID - PRI
always will if your telco isn't a dick
-Easier to "break out" an analog channel if needed (give me a channel bank
over an ata any day)
-Faster to troubleshoot - if you get red alarm there are only 2 things to
check - on SIP service, is it the LAN, firewall, switch, nic, IP gateway, or
unknown router on the internet? 

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stan ford wrote:
> if you have to setup an office of 100 users now. would you rather setup a
sip trunk,a t1-pri, or even a t1? and why?

Always a PRI.  PRIs have fast call setup, are reliable and work well.
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