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Fri Sep 29 02:23:10 MST 2006

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stan ford wrote:
> On fonalities web page, i see they offer pstn failback as a feature of their asterisk package. i've also heard before of failing back to a pri line if your t1 voip line fails. my question is. in order to have pstn or pri failback, dont you basically have to have all the equipment there on standby, a PRI line, TDM cards, PRI/T1 cards, a bunch of digital or analong phones. it just seems like a whole lot of hardware to be sitting there waiting for a disaster. unless im just not understanding pstn/pri failback. can someone shed some light?
>   also, if you've got a dedicated full t1 line for voice, and have a low amount of users for that t1, is there really to worry about failing back to a pstn? seeing how reliable a t1 is. is anyone out here using full voip telelphony solution only?
Having had our XO connection go down within a week or so of switching to
a PRI, I can see how having a fallback would be good.  It was down for
about 4 hours.  However, that was back in May or June and hasn't been
down since.  I couldn't justify having something on standby for our
business.  But, our clients can reach us by phone in the office or cell,
and we can easily make outgoing calls on our cellphones. Our type of
business is not really dependent on absolutely having the phones up 100%
of the time.

If you do get a fallback, get it from different providers.  If your T1
from provider X is down, chances are a PRI from provider X will be
following the same path and be down as well.
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