[asterisk-users] RPID

Freddi Hansen fh at danovation.dk
Thu Sep 28 11:30:23 MST 2006

Here is how I have it working:

If  Alice calls Bob and Bob's phone diverts the call to Carol.
You want Bob to pay for the call and the callerid  shown to Carol to be 

On Bob's server
exten _X.,1,sipaddheader(Divertion:<Bob at anonynous.invalid;user=phone>

The proxy that routes bob's call to Carol  will then charge Bob for the 
call and the From: field will be Alice

If you are an ITSP using Asterisk then you must look for the 'Divertion' 
header in incoming SIP invite's yourselves with a

sipheader(Divertion) command

I have this working in a few different scenarios

I think that the right thing todo would be setting the RDNIS if the 
'Divertion' is present on inbound side but I am not sure about this so I 
am using a private variable and doing this outside the SIP channel


> Thanks... I did some research and found that it's actually not what I was
> wanting (unless I missed something lol).  I'm actually looking for a way to
> forward caller id information to the called party on a forwarded call.  I
> may just need to dig deeper.
> On another note, I did find a patch in mantis that is considered
> experimental that does get it to where you can see the caller id of who
> you're calling based in the dialplan.  Back to the drawing board though  :) 
> Aaron
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>> > Has anyone successfully gotten rpid working between two phones through 
>> > asterisk?
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> Aaron,
> 	RPID is supported in Asterisk but many phones do not support it.
> Try 
> adding the following to sip.conf:
> sendrpid=yes
> trustrpid=yes
> 	If it is going to work with your phones, it will just work.  If not,
> chances are your phone does not support RPID.  You can always look at a 
> SIP debug to make sure it is getting sent.  Even if your phones do not 
> support RPID, From: usually works just fine  :) .
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