[asterisk-users] Good Book on Asterisk

Norbert Zawodsky norbert at zawodsky.at
Thu Sep 28 09:55:00 MST 2006

Michel Vaillancourt wrote:
> Norbert Zawodsky wrote:
>> Hi everybody!
>> I have some Linux experience but I'm completely new to asterisk.
>> I bought a small VoIP-PBX which has Linux (Kernel 2.6.13) & Asterisk
>> (1.2.12) preinstalled and some basic configuration (Wiht a few
>> extensions). Now I want to implement something more, fox example
>> voicemail (storing voicemail data in an extern mysql DB) and so on.
>> And since I don't want to waste your time with stupid questions ....
>> ... can someone of you recommend a really good book on Asterisk? (To buy
>> or for download)
>> ... or another online source of information which would be helpful for
>> someone like me?
>> I searched Amazon with "Asterisk" and got 21 hits......
>> Thanks
>> Norbert
> Hi, Norbert ... The O'Reily Book for Asterisk:
> http://www.asteriskdocs.org/modules/tinycontent/index.php?id=11
> Enjoy!
Thanks for the book. I read it last night (or nearly all of it) and now
i think i understand a bit more.
But now the next question:

Where can I find the documentation of the applications and functions I
can use in the dialplan? (For example how to use the mysql add-on, ...)


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