[asterisk-users] Master.csv has stopped writing call logs.

Richard Reina rf_reina at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 28 06:58:18 MST 2006

Nevermind this post.  The machines time was incorectly updated.  The Master.csv is fine and performing dutifuly.

Richard Reina <rf_reina at yahoo.com> wrote:  I just checked my Master.csv file and found that no logs had been  written to this file since 7:30 yesterday morning.  The system is  heavily used and nothing is being recorded.  Has anyone ever seen  this before?  Does the Master.csv fill up? It's current size is  8591056 but there are no other files in the directory ( such as  Master.1 or .2 ) as one might expect with traditional logging.
  Does anyone know what could be going on?

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