[asterisk-users] Spurious hangups on zaptel interface

Barry D. Hassler barry.hassler at hcst.com
Wed Sep 27 23:26:46 MST 2006

I did have busydetect=yes in my config, but not the callprogress.I've commented out busydetect, and we'll try some of these same calls to see what happens.

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Barry D. Hassler wrote:
> We seem to be getting unexpected hangups on our * system, very
> consistent when calling particular numbers that we can associate with a
> clients phone system. These hangups generally occur when our call is
> transferred within their system (to voicemail usually). 
> I'm suspecting their may be some sort of "flash" (for lack of a better
> term) on the called side, but I can't verify this. 
> the situation does appear to be consistent and reproducible, but only
> with specific phone systems that our calls go through.
> Has anyone else experienced this, or have any potential resolutions?
> I've researched this quite a bit, but not turning up anything
> particularly relevant.
> I am using asterisk

Remove busydetect=yes and callprogress=yes from your 

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