[asterisk-users] Asterisk Hangups on PRI Interface

Sahil Gupta sgupta at voicevalley.com.au
Wed Sep 27 20:01:26 MST 2006

I seem to be having an issue with a PRI at present whereby the call works 
fine for 90% of the users however, when a customer begins dialling DTMF 
tones over the channel with the ASTCC application - the call seems to 
disconnect from the PRI Interface end:

     -- Channel 0/5, span 1 got hangup request
     -- Hungup 'IAX2/voicevalley-7'
   == Spawn extension (context, 099092428, 1) exited non-zero on 'Zap/5-1'
     -- Hungup 'Zap/5-1'

I have upgraded to the latest versions and have also ensured that 
busydetect and callprogress are turned off.

Any ideas?


Sahil Gupta

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