[asterisk-users] Are you using app_meetme or app_conference

Alyed Tzompa alyed.tzompa at simitel.com
Wed Sep 27 15:30:06 MST 2006

		Be careful when using heavily ChanSpy. We
did couple of weeks ago and the result was having Asterisk crashing
almost once every day. How heavy? around 4 people using it 8 hours a
day, each one using ChanSpy every 3-5 mins.

we were not able to find the exact reason, so just stop using it.


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On 15:27, Wed 27 Sep 06, Erick Perez wrote:
> Hi, for call centers with voip phones and calls coming in via SIP and
> Zap, what app_ are people using to do:

We use SIP and IAX2 and SCCP (chan_sccp). Zap is not
possible for us because we want to run it on OpenBSD and the
zaptel is not ported to it yet.

> -conference
> -listening to conversation of agents

ChanSpy works for this.

> Is app_meetme or app_conference?

We use app_conference. We have to since there's no timer
zaptel stuff for OpenBSD.

> Does app_meetme still suffers from the need to transcode to slin?

I have no idea.


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