[asterisk-users] Cisco ATA escaping # into %23?

Scott Call scott.call at gmail.com
Wed Sep 27 12:13:00 MST 2006

I'm setting up a * system for a friend.  Instead of dial 9, he wants
his internal extentions to be prefaced with #.

We have it working on his kid's mac with softphone, his desk with a
gxp2000, but he wants to replace his house phones with two ata-186's .

We have a problem though.  The ATA's (3.2.1atasip) seem to be escaping
the hash into %26.

So dialing #50 from the ata causes the following request:
To: <sip:%2350 at;user=phone>;tag=as6aa26793

and asterisk cannot find it, since it's listed in extentions.conf as #50.

I've tried googling for it and going over Cisco's docs, voip-info.org,
etc and haven't found any references to this.

Is the fault in the ATA or asterisk?  It's an SVN version that will be
updated to 1.4b2 shortly, so if it was fixed in the interum I
apologize for wasting time.


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