[asterisk-users] Right way to prevent analog channel from answering the phone?

Nick Ellson grimm at nickellson.com
Wed Sep 27 10:27:19 MST 2006

Well, that just makes too much sense.. starting to feel a tad embarrased 
here ;) Ok, I  will simply remove the "Dial(IAX2/4005)" and have it not do 
anything, that will error on the console, but that's ok and let the 
parallel land line have the call (AKA: The wife)


Nick Ellson
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On Wed, 27 Sep 2006, Rich Adamson wrote:

> Nick Ellson wrote:
>>  I am in the process of learning my A1200P, and i would like an elegant way
>>  to prevent it from answering the phone, but still make outbound calls. I
>>  tried zap destroy channel 1 (which worked, but pissed off Asterisk ;)
>>  Is there a more elegant way to tell it to answer/not answer on command?
> I don't have an A1200P, but most zap channel interfaces are built to not 
> answer an incoming call unless you specifically configure asterisk to do it.
> There are only two basic conditions under which an incoming call will be 
> answered:
> 1. by including the "answer" statement, like:
> 	 exten => 3556,1,Answer
> 	 exten => 3556,2,Wait,1
> 	 exten => 3556,3,Authenticate(3017)
> 	 exten => 3556,4,Meetme(3556|pM)
> 2. a SIP phone (or other phone) user picks up the handset.
> So, in zapata.conf you have definitions for each of the A1200P ports, and one 
> of the items in those definitions is "context=<something>". If that context 
> statement points to some non-existent context name (like context=xyz), there 
> is nothing that would answer the incoming call.
> If the context=<something> points to a real context (in extensions.conf), 
> then review that context to ensure there is nothing there to answer the 
> incoming call. (Note: some asterisk applications will automatically answer 
> incoming calls.)
> You could also define that context and include statements like:
> [no-answer]
> exten => _X.,1,Hangup
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