[asterisk-users] SER with multiple asterisk deployment

Zac Amsler list-asterisk at netiqsys.net
Wed Sep 27 09:53:12 MST 2006


It is possible to do what you are looking for. It is actually easy.

There is a problem that I have found with ser/openser.. Documentation is 
difficult to read and some things are just not there, so you get people 
that spend many hours trying to get these functions to work. In these 
days time is money, so the people that know how to do what you are 
seeking.. charge large amounts of money for a simple 50 line config file.

I will tell you that everything you are looking for is documented in 
examples. You will have to piece them together and make them work in 
harmony like the rest of us have.

I suggest you look at voip user and piece the config together from 
examples there. It may also help you to read the source code of the 
modules that handle routing in ser. There are a few tricks that are 
hidden in the code.

I am sorry for my vagueness. I am not able to share the config 
information due to an IP agreement with my company.(They think it is a 
trade secret)

I wish you the best.

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Adi Simon wrote:
> Hi,
> Did anyone actually manage setting up a single SER with multiple 
> Asterisk boxes?
> I particulary have a problem of keeping the session alive and by that I 
> mean directing
> all the following sip messages to the same asterisk box the first signal 
> was sent (randomally).
> Please don't direct me to Asterisk+At+Large 
> <http://www.voip-info.org/wiki-Asterisk+at+large> or the 
> asterisk_integration 
> <http://www.openser.org/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=asterisk_integration> page
> at openser.org <http://openser.org> as they are quite old and useless. 
> What I seek are examples of
> ser.cfg or some advice from someone who actually managed to accomplish this.
> Thanks,
> Adi.
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