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Colin Anderson ColinA at landmarkmasterbuilder.com
Tue Sep 26 15:28:55 MST 2006

Try a different, (larger or smaller) room with different acoustical
characteristics. You may be talking, the audio is transmitted from a primary
source - you - but then it may pick up the reflections of your voice
bouncing off of the walls in the room, and the phone may be picking that up
as well. You may not be able to hear the difference, but your phone can.
Also reduce TX gain on the phone.  hth

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I'm having speaker phone echo issues with my grandstream phones 100.
i understand that the echo'ing issue is only obvious because of the round
trip latency and that traditional phone lines have echo's too but because
there is such a slight delay, it can be mistaken for side tone, which is
perfectly normal.
I don't have any echo issues now on my phones, unless i turn on the speaker
phone, then i get acoustic echos. anyone else having this problem? what are
some things I can do to alleviate this?

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