[asterisk-users] Asterisk behind Sonicwall firewall

Barry Fawthrop barry at ttienterprises.org
Tue Sep 26 13:21:04 MST 2006

Hi all

I didn't change anything that's my point
It has be running and working just fine then at 4:32 pm yesterday I 
could not make or recieve VoIP calls via our VoIP Provider
They say the Invite packet was being rejected and thus there was no 
"real" connection  even though SIP SHOW PEERS has us registered

They also say it's due to the Sonicwall which has changed port 
assignments and thus blocking ports.
I see in the Sonicwall log UDP Packet Dropped with the Providers IP 
Address but it talks about port 36612 which is not SIP

They say along with the log that SIP is using 36612 why when all the 
VoIP SIP setting are enabled/configured and SIP is packet forwarded to the
Asterisk Box due to Sonicwall NAT

Now I'm trying to find out why and how to correct this.

Thanks all

Rich Adamson wrote:
> Barry Fawthrop wrote:
>> Hi all
>> Anyone using a sonicwall firewall ?
>> I have been and then suddenly  it drops UDP packets because SIP is no 
>> longer on port 5060 but some random assigned port ?
>> Why ?
> Yes, have multiple clients with asterisk behind a sonicwall.
> I don't understand from your wording if you mean a voip connection 
> suddenly changed from dup/5060, or, did you change the asterisk system 
> to use some other udp port.
> The sonicwall does have an option to support sip (udp/5060), but I've 
> not had to use it on anything that we've worked with.
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