[asterisk-users] Re: Set hint status from dialplan?

Lacy Moore - Aspendora aspendora at gmail.com
Tue Sep 26 10:31:55 MST 2006


If you are trying to do this on a stock Asterisk system (and I can certainly
understand why you would want to), then what I have implemented will
definitely not work.  I couldn't find anyway to do this on a stock system.
Upgrades are going to be a nightmare with all the patches that have been
applied to my system.  This was something that was absolutely needed, and
the patch that started me down that road was something that was absolutely
needed.  I had to have a completely "dummy proof" way for someone to park a
call and pick it up at another extension.  When I say "dummy proof", I mean
it, too :-)  That patches mentioned in the forum link do that very well, and
as an added bonus, took care of my night mode indicator.
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