[asterisk-users] Line Pickup Problem

Pato Valarezo patovala at pupilabox.net.ec
Tue Sep 26 07:17:13 MST 2006

Lacy Moore - Aspendora wrote:
> Wherever you have your exten => s,1,Answer statement, replace with:
> exten => s,1,Wait(30) ; or however long you want to wait to give someone 
> else the chance to answer
> exten => s,n,Answer
> then continue on.
> Asterisk will then wait 30 seconds before it answers the phone.  You 
> would probably want this a lower number, though.

Hi, i'm using x100P clones and i have two related  issues:

1. In the first system (or in both) when someone answer the call, 
asterisk doesn't notice the stop ringing signal and continues with the 
dialplan, and of course answer the call and plays the welcome message 
and interrupts the current call in progress.

2. One of the system wich is connected to the PSTN doesn't seems to wait 
the time i specify in exten => s,1,Wait(10), and answers the line in a 
shorter time... it seems like the time doesn't count to it.

I'm testing and training with this systems until i can buy a better 
quality hardware i expect to not have this problems with digium or 
better hardware. If someone has experience in this i'll apreciate comments.

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