[asterisk-users] ztcfg / X100P question

Michel Vaillancourt mvaillancourt at neoxo.com
Tue Sep 26 05:45:49 MST 2006

Tzafrir Cohen wrote:
> what's the contents of /etc/zaptel.conf ?
pbx1:~# cat /etc/zaptel.conf
# Zaptel Configuration File
# This file is parsed by the Zaptel Configurator, ztcfg
loadzone = us

> This error comes from ztcfg . Look at ztcfg.c at the tarball of zaptel.
> Though from the word "tones" I gather that this is related to the
> tonezone library.
	Unfortunately I am not a C programmer, and thus the file in question is largely shrapnel to me.  However, from what I can glean, the function in question is "static int rad_chanconfig(char *keyword, char *args)" and has something to do with "struct zt_radio_param".  I am puzzled as to what is going on that it thinks a radio is involved.

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