[asterisk-users] Call back

Khaled Chehab kchehab at xplorium.com
Tue Sep 26 05:29:18 MST 2006


First hi 


I am trying to make a call back system 


I am using callme.php(click to call) to write the file at


And at the  incoming context ,I  match the incoming did as follow  


exten => 009613504768,4,system(elinks -dump


at callme,php I hangup the call by 

system("asterisk -r -x 'soft hangup $channel' ");


my troubles is I that  know that it's a silly idea to make a call back
system  in this way,

2nd  I don't hear a ringback or hangup  tone.



Please if you know  a better way to that that please don't hesitate to
inform me .









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