[Asterisk-Users] The best way to track no-audio calls

Olivier oza-4h07 at myamail.com
Tue Sep 26 00:53:17 MST 2006


We're breaking our teeth on a 1.2.10 - 0.3.0-PRE-1s bristuffed Asterisk
which sometimes refuses to pass audio through.
The trouble is we cannot a practical way to identify no-audio calls without
involving end users as we don't want to bother them with that.

What could be the best method to identify no-audio calls ?
Here is what I was thinking about.

- The setup is:
Public Network ------ Asterisk with Junghanns QuadBRI -------- Voice Lan
------- Snom 320 IP hardphones

- The symptoms are :
Sometimes, during normal call (good audio quality), audio is 2-way cut (Snom
sends BYE requests).
Sometimes, when a user answers incoming call, he doesn't ear anything. So he
hangs up and next call from the same caller, a couple of seconds later, is
Nothing abnormal in log files (from my point of view anyway though I know
this will soon be proven to be wrong, when we have found the reason why this

- As this behaviour touches every phone and every ISDN channel, 1st step is
to focus on a small subset of randomly chosen users.
- For focused users, record everything :
   use tcpdump everything coming from hardphone's IP address (as every call
passes through the server),
   use MixMonitor to record every call as MixMonitor acts on a different
level (I've never used MixMonitor in my life and I'm honnestly wondering if
recording on both tcpdump and MixMonitor is of any use)
   increase log levels for focused users.

What do you think of these steps ?

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