[asterisk-users] Unrecognized frames

Chris Miller asterisk at scratchspace.com
Mon Sep 25 22:49:10 MST 2006

Upon investigating a call quality complaint with a conference room, I 
discovered this error repeated several times in the log. Looking at the 
source, frametype 5 is "An empty, useless frame". Does this indicate an 
actual problem?

app_meetme.c: Got unrecognized frame on channel 
Local/123 at from-internal-82c8,2, f->frametype=5,f->subclass=0

All calls in the conference room were via PRI (no voip/sip). The quality 
complaint was a delay when some parties were speaking, causing multiple 
people to talk at the same time. I believe this may not have had 
anything to do with Asterisk (i.e. inbound voip to pstn call), unless 
frames were being dropped.


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