[asterisk-users] Running Multiple Instances of Asterisk

Leo Ann Boon leo at datvoiz.com
Mon Sep 25 17:04:08 MST 2006

Douglas Garstang wrote:
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>> Asterisk does not support this, as it already has features for 
>> multi-client configuration within a single Asterisk 
>> installation/process.
>> Douglas Garstang wrote:
>>> I'd like to know if anyone has sucessfully managed to run 
>> multiple instances of Asterisk on the same system.
>>> - Did you run each instance as a separate user?
>>> - Did you have any install or config problems?
>>> - It looks like the G729 codec registration utility doesn't 
>> work when files aren't installed in standard places. Did you 
>> have this problem?
>>> - How many instances could be run on a single Asterisk box?
> What do you mean 'does not support'?
> How easy do you think the management of the configuration files is going to be if your trying to host several dozen companies on the one Asterisk instance? Sure, you can split things into contexts, but just try and imagine how complex the management is going to become when several companies comprise the same file space.
Have you tried running asterisk in a chroot environment? It can do what 
you want. The only catch you'll have to specify the bindaddr for SIP. 
And, it works with IP aliases, so you can host multiple sessions on one NIC.


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