[Asterisk-Users] Network impairment tools

Olivier oza-4h07 at myamail.com
Mon Sep 25 13:12:51 MST 2006


Which network impairment tool would you use to teach QoS and VoIP in a lab,
with limited budget ?
Ideally, I would set different network conditions with it (jitter, packet

I've seen those tools :

- NIST Net (http://www-x.antd.nist.gov/nistnet/)
- UDP Packet Reflector/Forwarder
- IP DummyNet (http://info.iet.unipi.it/~luigi/ip_dummynet/<http://info.iet.unipi.it/%7Eluigi/ip_dummynet/>
- Telechemy IP Impairment simulator (

I would be very curious to know your own rating of those.
Do you know any tool using Linux iptables to offer, like IP Dummynet seems
to do with FreBSD, tunable network conditions ?

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