[asterisk-users] How to stream audio to external app for speech recognition and recognize dtmf in parallel ?

Robert Rozman robert.rozman at comutel.si
Mon Sep 25 12:56:01 MST 2006


we're writting interface module for our speech recognition system. We would 
like to export stream of audio samples to external app, but to preserve dtmf 
recognition and dialplan progress.

I wonder if recording application would be a good start for that (recording 
application obviously streams audio and makes recording out of it in 

We're also interested in best way to report speech recognition results 

Best way would be to be able to call extension in dialplan, for instance :

1, DTMF "1"
2, DTMF "2"

support, spoken word "support"
sales, spoken word "sales"


but also putting results in variable would be probably fine....

Any advice how to develope such scenario ? What is the best module code to 
start with ? Any similar solutions ?

Thanks in advance,



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