[asterisk-users] Running Multiple Instances of Asterisk

Eric "ManxPower" Wieling eric at fnords.org
Mon Sep 25 12:23:58 MST 2006

Best of luck getting multiple instances of Asterisk to play nice when 
accessing Zap channels.

James Texter wrote:
> Doug,
>     I actually see this as a pretty logical way to solve the problem.
> Please keep us posted if you have any luck sorting out running multiple
> instances, or mail me off-list if no one else is interested.
> Thanks,
> On 9/25/06 1:52 PM, "Douglas Garstang" <dgarstang at oneeighty.com> wrote:
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>>> Doug,
>>> Why do you want to do this to begin with?  I think the best
>>> solution is
>> Because we are trying to build a hosted IPT solution, not an enterprise
>> solution.
>>> to use the realtime stuff, and build your own management tools, which
>>> would allow you to do this (you could drastically cut the complexity
>>> with the right tools).  Even if you could run them together, how
>>> would you put everything on the appropriate ports?  How would you deal
>>> with multiple instances accessing hardware?
>> Realtime is resource intensive, requiring many queries to perform simple
>> lookups. We can easily create multiple virtual IP address, and since each
>> virtual IP address can bind to port 5060, each phone can register with
>> domain.com:5060 without a problem. We don't need multiple instances to access
>> hardware as this is a SIP only solution. Our PSTN access is via external
>> Audiocodes gateways, not via Digium T1 cards.
>> The dial plan was not able to handle the complexity we needed (for example the
>> MySQL() application command could not do nested queries), and so right now, we
>> have a 2000 line python script and several very complex MySQL stored
>> procedures in order to fulfull our requirements.
>>> I'm not convinced that maintaining the config files, binaries
>>> and other
>>> components of multiple asterisk's is easier than just building better
>>> tools to configure one.
>> I am. I look at our configuration which is currently for one customer, and
>> there's already several dozen contexts in order to cover a lot of complexity.
>> Multiply that by a couple of hundred, and I won't want to be administering it!
>>> You could also try User-Mode-Linux or something like that.
>> I was going to give v-servers a try. There's a guide at:
>> http://www.telephreak.org/papers/vpa/
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