[asterisk-users] DUNDi Servers

Simon Woodhead woodheads at esms.com
Mon Sep 25 10:18:59 MST 2006

Hi Doug,

On 9/25/06, Douglas Garstang <dgarstang at oneeighty.com> wrote:
> Lets say you have a cluster of, say, 10 Asterisk servers. After doing a
> local lookup to see if a number is available locally, in order to find out
> if the number is available on one of the other 9 servers, this peer has to
> query all 9 remaining peers.

Is that true?

Yes, or it could send one query to a server which in turned queried the
other 9. Either way though, all 9 get queried unless the answer was cached.
Caching is tricky with registrations as you don't want to cache a
registration which hasn't been renewed.

Is there a way to have 'registration servers' that accept registrations from
> phones, and which somehow notify 'DUNDI servers' (two for redundancy) that
> the registration servers query? To terminate a call, a peer would only have
> to query the DUNDi servers, not every other peer. After looking at the
> config files, I can't imagine how this could work, or if it's even possible
> with DUNDi.

Yes, it is possible to push peer information as well as pull it. You could
also, as you say, limit the number of registration servers (i.e. servers
doing both the registration and DUNDi) and then only query to them. I'm sure
the hybrid model you suggest would work as well although it'd need testing
to see whether you got more performance out of splitting the DUNDI and
registration roles or just adding more dual-purpose machines.


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